June 19th 2009
The Brewery, London, EC1

Digital Safety in an Interconnected World - The International Forum

Digital Britain - Digital Safety?

The inaugural Digital Safety Conference brought together thought leaders, policy makers, legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, government representatives, educators, industry leaders and those committed to protecting civil liberties to consider the health, reputation and environment of the digital world.

From the Internet to location based services to mobile communications; the nature of this independent conference was indisputably positive towards these technologies and the enormous benefits that they bring to society. In acknowledging the benefits we also acknowledged that there are individuals, organisations and agencies that abuse the power of these systems. The purpose of the conference was to explore and rehearse arguments for greater international interoperability between agencies, governments and service providers to work towards a safer digital world. For everybody

Speakers included:

Representatives from Google, Facebook, Myspace and other major service providers were invited to present and respond to actual case studies.

The conference featured provocative and stimulating presentations by leading experts combined with fast-paced interactive discussion sessions where delegates participated.

Discussions included:

  • Are civil liberties more important than shareholder value?
  • Is the law really unable to keep up with advances in technology?
  • Self-regulation vs state-regulation in a borderless cyberspace
  • Cyber crimes vs traditional crimes - law & enforcement
  • Are the public concerns about privacy being ignored?
  • The legal rights of business vs that of the individual
  • Child safety
  • Digital Britain


  • Exchanged ideas and best practice
  • Expanded cross-sector professional network
  • Debated new thinking on digital safety
  • Reviewed actual case studies and latest data
  • Gained a clear understanding of how to embrace the latest digital technologies whilst understanding privacy and safety considerations
  • Became an active member of a positive action group
  • Participated in the creation of a vital online resource for international thought leaders, policy makers and the public (see proceedings)


The next Digital Safety Conference will be in June 2010.


JA Newsflash

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 2008
"We must place the measures that keep our children safe online"
"Make no mistake: this kind of harassment can be as frightening and as real as being followed and watched in your neighborhood or in your home."
Vice-President Al Gore, Attorney General's report into cyberstalking, 1999

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